Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Become a Vendor?

Go to My Account Page and click Become a Vendor.

You can also watch THIS TUTORIAL on setting up your Vendor Account.

How Do I get Paid?

STRIPE: Instant Payment. 4% Bizzbin Transaction fee.

Go to your Vendor Dashboard -> Settings -> Payment. From here you will connect to your STRIPE account. The payments will be instantaneous.

PAYPAL: Payment upon Request. 7% + $0.30 Per Order or Auction products including shipping.

Go to your Vendor Dashboard -> Settings -> Payment. From here you will enter your paypal account. The payments will be in your Bizzbin account.

Go to your Vendor Dashboard -> Settings -> Withdraw. From here you submit your transfer request to have your money sent from your Bizzbin account to your paypal.

Note: Paypal fees will be calculated when you submit a withdraw request. Please keep that in mind when looking at your balance.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment gateway we use here at Bizzbin because it allows us to pass on more savings to you regarding the transaction fees and so that when your buyers check out you receive payment instantly. Buyers and sellers can conduct secure transactions with ease! If you are going to be selling on Bizzbin you can learn more about STRIPE at stripe.com and check out their transaction fees here.

What are Bizzbin’s Fees?

As a seller or auctioneer on Bizzbin you will get a fixed low 4% fee for each total sold amount when your buyers check out using stripe. When a buyer checks out using PayPal the fee is 7% + $.30 (other marketplace sites can go as high as 20%).

Are there restrictions on what I can list?

Yes. Please read the Do Not Sell List to be sure about your products before you list them.

What do I do if something goes wrong with a transaction?

First step with any transaction problem is to contact the member you are having a problem with and see if you can sort out the situation together. IF the situation can not be sorted out among yourselves, please contact us immediately!

How many images can I use?

We want you to have as much freedom as possible and there are no rules regarding how many images you can have on a product. On the 25th of each month we run a maintenance which includes removing any photos that are not attached to an auction or a product at that time.

What if I have no listings in my shop?

We understand that sometimes people will need extra time to get going, ultimately if a shop has no activity for approximately 30 days however, your account may be suspended; you will be notified by email and your preferred method of contact before any removal takes place to give you more time. If you are going on vacation or similar, however, just let us know and we will be sure to save your spot

How Can I shrink My Images?

Sometimes you may encounter an error if you try to upload an image that is too large. Here are some resources that can help you resize the images for uploading to bizzbin.

ILoveImag.com – Free online service for compressing images for use with desktop or mobile devices.

Photo Compress – Free App for Ios, Iphones, Ipads.


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